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Attractive salary and bonus policy
We provide you with a stable job with a competitive salary and bonus policy system. We respect each individual’s contribution and ensure you are compensated fairly.
Comprehensive welfare regime
Taking care of staff is a top priority with Social Insurance and Health insurance benefits. We also provide overtime allowances and special bonuses for holidays and Tet.
Annual Team Building activities
We value team spirit. Every year, we organize team-building events to create a positive and interactive working environment among company members.
Work environment
Based on a dynamic and creative atmosphere, we build a friendly working environment and are ready to support your career development.
Training and developing
Recognizing the value of investing in human resources, we provide continuous training and development programs, helping you improve your skills and be proactive in your work.
Together developed
Working at Nha Be Trading is not just about completing daily tasks, it is about being part of a community. Our team is dedicated to working together towards a common goal, rather than individual success.
We strongly believe that employee satisfaction plays a crucial role in achieving company success. At Nha Be Trading, we prioritize our employees’ well-being and growth in their careers. Join us today and let’s take your career to new heights!